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Bringing Up The Next Generation of Master Gardeners

Last Saturday, August 14th, we had an open house at The Plant Connection, on Division Street, in Ishpeming, Michigan. The open house had many visitors who came to check out the Hibiscus collection. One particular visitor was this future Master Gardener who loved to pick the strawberries from the strawberry bed, and she also picked out this beautiful geranium to grow at home.

Teaching the next generation about how wonderful it is to be a gardener, a steward of the earth, is one of the reasons I love what I do at the Plant Connection. Watch for updates about classes coming up for the winter season. Look for an open house for Christmas shopping, keep checking out my blogs.

You can contact me anytime by calling me at (906) 360-4422 to schedule a visit to my greenhouse or to talk about gardening. My greenhouse will be open by appointment only until my next open house in the fall.

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