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Eliza says "Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Plant"

Eliza recently attended a picnic with family. She has her eye on the hotdog, but when the topic came to planting, she joined in the conversation and told us that "Fall is the perfect time to plant." Cooler weather and more rain make it the ideal time to plant perennials, trees and shrubs for the upcoming 2021 gardening season. The correct plant in the correct place is also a recipe for success.

Take Eliza's advice and contact me today either by phone (906) 360-4422 or email to set up an appointment to see the perennials I have to offer. All quality Proven Winners and/or Walters Garden perennials and Proven Winners shrubs. I have the soils and fertilizers to get you off to a good start too. I carry Proven Winners potting mix, Pro-mix BH Potting mix with Biofungicide and Mycorrhizae and Espoma

Bio-Tone with Mychrorizae.

I have three varieties of Daylilies, Foxglove, Gallardia, four varieties of Echinacea, Daisies, Weigela, Hibiscus, Spirea, Native Plants, two varieties of Heuchera, Helleborus, Neptea, Aralia, Brunnera and much more.

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