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Growing My Hydroponic Tower Garden

I started my seeds the first week of January and transplanted most of the seedlings into my Tower Garden on January 20, 2022. I planted the balance of my seedlings on January 26 but still have three planting spots to fill so I planted some Proven Harvest Patio Sunshine tomato seeds in rockwool cubes on January 20, 2022. They have not germinated yet but I will keep you posted.

I have strawberry plants, arugula, gourmet lettuce, rainbow chard, kale, Bibb lettuce and basil planted in my Tower Garden.

I am looking forward to offering fresh vegetables, etc., to my customers and would like to encourage growing a hydroponic garden of their own.

The first picture was taken right after planting, the second picture taken was taken one week later and the third was taken two weeks later. Please keep posted for upcoming photographs of plant progress.

The Plant Connection, LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of gardening ideas and amazing products. Look for classes in the near future.

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