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Join Me On Saturday, August 14, 2021 For An Open House Hibiscus Event

The Open House will start at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and will feature French Vanilla and Spinderella Hibiscus. Ornamental Big Blue Stem Grass and some Native Plants will also be featured at this event. There will be a Streptocarpus houseplant given to the first 10 customers with a purchase.

Hibiscus/Rose Mallow) has flowers so large, that they create conversation. SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ and Spinderella will have the neighbors talking. French Vanilla is a compact form of Rose Mallow has red stems and deep green foliage, it stands 3 1/2 -4 foot tall and up to 3 1/2 foot wide creating a stunning mound of big color. SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ forms pale yellow flower buds that open up to a creamy white, heavily puckered bloom. The 7- 8-inch blooms have overlapped petals and a bright magenta eye. ‘French Vanilla’ holds its creamy yellow color longer than other ‘yellow’ hibiscus on the market. Summerific Spinderella has large 8" white flowers with pink accented edges and a dark red eye. Dark green leaves form a tidy, dense, and well-rounded habit.

Hardy in zones 4-9, SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ and "SPINDERELLA" can handle just about any soil condition as long as they get regular watering. Planted in full sun to part shade locations, flowers will start to put on a show mid to late summer. This deer-resistant perennial attracts hummingbirds and pollinators to the garden and creates quite a specimen for landscapes and gardens. SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ and Spinderella are Proven Winners® Perennials.

Plant Type: Perennial Brand: PROVEN WINNERS® Perennials Hardiness Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Max Height: 42 – 48 Inches Max Spread: – 42 Inches Exposure: Full Sun (+6 hrs.), Part Shade (4-6 hrs.) Nature Attractions: Hummingbirds Critter Resistance: Deer Flower Color: White Shades, Yellow Shades Soil Moisture Needs: Moderate Attributes: Native Design Use: Border, Specimen

Summerific French Vanilla

Summerific Spinderella


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