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Proven Winners Eco+Grande Pots Are Coming Next Spring

Proven Winners Eco+Grande 4.25 Pots will be available next Spring. You can plant your flowers and the container it is in all at one time. The new Eco+Grande pot is biodegradable and fertilizes your plant in one simple step.

From Proven Winners: Ready to plant your Eco+ Grande™? Peel all 4 tabs off to allow the plant’s roots to develop properly. Then, transplant the entire Eco+ Grande™ and loose tabs into a larger planter or into the ground. Continue to water as needed.

STEP 1: PEEL Peel the tabs off the pot and toss them into the planting hole where they will naturally degrade over time. The holes in the pot allow the roots to grow properly.

STEP 2: PLANT Plant the entire Eco+ Grande™ in the ground. Yes, the whole darn thing. It’s made of natural, compostable materials!

STEP 3: WATER Water your plant well after planting. Eco+ Grande™ will naturally disintegrate over time, helping to feed the plant’s roots with nitrogen, phosphorous, and calcium as it does so.

Eco+ Grande™ Benefits Prevents stress to the plants by eliminating root disturbance since you can plant the entire plant and Eco+ Grande™ into the ground once the 4 tabs are peeled. With built-in nutrients in the walls of the Eco+ Grande™ container, you won’t have to worry about fertilizer run-off – in addition to remembering to feed your plants weekly!

What happens if parts of my Eco+ Grande™ are still left after the growing season? Since every gardening environment is different, your Eco+ Grande™ may break down into very small pieces over a growing season or you may have larger segments of your Eco+ Grande™ left. Any product that is still recognizable can be tilled up for nutrients for your next growing season.

Watch for this pot and a lot more at The Plant Connection LLC this Spring.

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