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Proven Winners Leafjoy - Bring Nature Inside

Let's talk about houseplant care, watering, required light for optimun growth, potting medium, repotting, grooming and common houseplant pests. We will review various Leafjoy houseplants and how to care for that specific variety. Learn all about the new Leafjoy collection from Proven Winners.

The H20 Leafjoy Bowl is a hydroponically grown houseplant that reqires minimal care, watering only indicated by the amount left in the container. Great for children to see how plants grow, and great for households with pets because you can keep the plant on a desk, table top, basically any where out of reach of your pets.

Please review the attached powerpoint presentation and call me or send an email with any questions, comments, or to place an order for our H20 Leafjoy Bowls. (906) 360-4422 or

Leafjoy Presentation
Download PPTX • 122.60MB

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