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A dwarf lilac like Baby Kim offers a lot of versatility in the landscape. Plant it lining a walkway, under windows, as a low hedge, or anywhere you want color and fragrance with minimal care.  Plant only in full sun and well-drained soil; lilacs cannot tolerate soggy, wet conditions. If you want to prune Baby Kim lilac, do so immediately after it blooms in late spring. Never cut it back in fall, winter, or early spring - doing so will remove the spring flower buds. Pruning is not necessary, particularly for small, tidy varieties like this.  Like nearly all lilacs, Baby Kim lilac actually requires a period of cold weather in order to bloom well. This is why lilacs are not typically suited to warmer climates. However, they are very, very cold tolerant and thrive in climates as cold as USDA zone 3.


All flowers are subject to availability. Substitutions may be necessary.Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -



Proven Winners Baby Kim Syringa Gallon Perennial

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