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Consider me FLOWER therapy.

This dusky purple and white Calla lily is an elegant addition to your garden or home where they prefer a sunny window with good air circulation.

The Be My® series will bloom for 6 to 8 weeks in your garden or as a potted plant indoors. The spathe (what we call the flower) can persist for up to 12 weeks and mature into richer colors as it ages. If grown in pots, keeping the plant pot bound will encourage more blooms. Calla Lilies make long lasting cut flowers as well. Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer, Long Blooming, Heat Tolerant

Deadheading Not Necessary, Drought Tolerant.  Light requirements are part sun to sun, consistent watering with good drainage, they are happy with moist soil, but will also tolerate quite a bit of water. A dose of controlled or slow-release fertilizer can be helpful.


Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -

Proven Winners Be My Prince Calla Lily 6.5" Annual

  • All plants are subject to availability.  Substitutions may be necessary.

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