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  • These beautiful containers are:
  • Self Watering Design Patented by Jack Barnwell
  • Beautiful Ceramic Containers Designed by Michael Carr Designs
  • Frost Resistant
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Multiple Styles
  • Less Water and Fertilizer Waste
  • Ring Free Decks
  • Plants Now Require Less Attention

Proven Winners Eggplant Chevron 21" Aqua Pot

  • AquaPots® by Proven Winners® are the first and only premium quality glazed ceramic self-watering pots on the market. They are not an insert but rather a complete system that is integrated right into each container. AquaPots® are handcrafted by artisans at Michael Carr Designs® Pottery of Vietnam, a favorite luxury brand among home gardeners. The pots are crafted using time tested techniques and an old-world kiln that gives each piece its own special character. Each piece is its own work of art. No two are the same.

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