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It's a super easy-to-grow clematis with great color and large flowers!  Velvety plum-purple flowers with intriguing center highlights and bright yellow stamens characterize this version of the ever-popular 'Jackmanii' clematis. This early and long-flowering beauty blooms from mid-summer into fall, and is noted for its intense purple flower color and large (3-5" blooms). It flowers on new wood and old wood so you simply prune it back to 2 feet each spring. Winner of a Green Thumb award from the Direct Gardening Association. Top three reasons to grow Happy Jack® Purple clematis:

  • Better color and bigger flowers than the popular 'Jackmanii' clematis.  Hardy in zones 5 - 9.
  • Very long bloom time
  • Low-maintenance vine


All flowers are subject to availability. Substitutions may be necessary.Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -



Proven Winners Happy Jack Purple Clematis Gallon Perennial

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