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Supertunias, despite their abundant flowers, have simple needs. Needing only average soil and even watering, they’ll even bloom in partly shaded locations for months. In the landscape, most sites will only require one application of controlled-release fertilizer at planting time, unless it has a very long growing season, in which case a second dose may be needed. Containers call for more repeated applications because of the loss of nutrients when watering.

Trimming can easily perk up a lanky or tired-looking Supertunia to encourage fuller branching. It can be done any time with scissors or light shears. The temporary loss of blooms will repay you doubly in new growth and flowers.


All flowers are subject to availability.  Substitutions may be necessary.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -

Proven Winners Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo 11" Mono Hanging Basket

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