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Star power for your garden and landscape!  'Viva Polonia' is a new, easy-to-grow clematis with large red flowers, each graced with a white star in the center. This long-blooming plant starts its display in early summer, and continues to produce new wood blooms through mid-summer. It's perfect for covering trellises, railings, posts, arbors, pergolas, fences - anything that needs beautifying.
Top reasons to grow 'Viva Polonia' clematis: - Easy care - just cut back to about 18"/45 cm each spring, when the new growth begins to emerge on the stems.  Deep pink-red blooms have a showy white star in their center.  Versatile vine adds color to vertical structures. Long Blooming, Deadheading Not Necessary, Vine.  Hardy in zones 4 - 9. 



All flowers are subject to availability. Substitutions may be necessary.Photo courtesy of Proven Winners -

Proven Winners Viva Polonia Clematis Gallon Perennial

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